World Endurance Mountain Bike Organisation

Every great sport needs an official World Championships. To that end, a race organisers from around the globe came together and made the first 24-hour solo world championships in 2011. By doing so, they have legitimised the sport to racers, observers and sponsors alike. With legs held from Rotorua, New Zealand to Fort William, Scotland, WEMBO pulls in the best riders and gives everybody something to aim for.

WEMBO Vision

The WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships will provide true world-wide competition and be recognised by mountain bikers, spectators, the cycling industry and media as the pinnacle of the sport.

WEMBO Mission

To create a predictable, regular and reliable set of quality world-wide events in which the World’s best 24 hour mountain bikers can test themselves against each other at the highest level.

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For information on WEMBO 2018, see here.