This is Not a Tour

What: A series of Audaxs ranging from 100km to 600km. Most of the longer versions have an incredible amount of assent and go from fresh tarmac to single-track.

Where: Llandrindod wells

When: Early July



These were not normal Audax events and were certainly not sportives. They were not-for-profit! They offered something not often found on the AUK calendar, or any calendar. They all embraced the spirit of Mike and were challenging in their own right.

These rides demanded commitment to make the time allowances. And whilst they were not races, we encouraged spirited riding.


Having experience in 24 hour racing and riding a number of 400km rides, I thought I had the 606km ride covered – not by a long shot. TINAT was relentless! Endless climbing, rough, unforgiving descents and a route which no one bike can be set up perfectly for. It goes over some of the highest and hardest passes in the UK and is made intentionally harder with a tight deadline considering the distance and elevation gain.

With this in mind, it is an incredibly well written route. The whole ride is absolutely stunning. While you’re putting your body through it’s paces, you’re being rewarded with some of the most naturally beautiful views Wales has to offer. The famous climbs are well linked together, the off-road sections we’re just on the edge of what a touring / gravel bike can do. It is possibly one of the greatest things I have done – a real achievement.


  • Enter the audax that is right for you. Taking on the 600km ride with no experience is going to be much harder than you think.
  • Prepare for the worst – you’ll be in the middle of nowhere with few people passing you. Take spare cables and tyre-boots.
  • Take a bivvy – worst case scenario, get your head down for a couple of hours and get riding again.
  • Bring a camera. You’re riding in memory of Mike Hall, this has to be a hard ride, but it is also stunning – don’t forget to look around you!