The calm before the storm; tapering is all about recovery before event. Given what you’re about to tackle, you want to be as fresh and ready as you can be. Let your body recover from the countless hours in the saddle, endless weight sessions and the intentional exposure to the elements.

Take it easy, but don’t stop now!

You should design your training plan to peak a couple of weeks before the event and from then on you just tick over. You don’t want to stop riding all together, but it should be less during this period than any other. Ride to work if possible and get out a couple of times a week, but only to get your legs moving.

Feast like kings!

Not only to you have free license to train less, you will need to be eating a ton. Through all of the riding, strength training and exposure, you have been putting your body through the wringer. The strength training will have caused a ton of microtears in the muscle, all of which need to be fixed. You will therefore need to be eating a ton of food to replenish any stores you may have burned up.

Focus on fats and proteins to boost the recovery and start storing some extra energy. If you’re the kind of person who weighs themselves regularly, don’t be worried if you put on a little weight. This is just from all the food you’re eating without burning off – it is being used to heal the body and get ready for the trials ahead.