Pivot TwentyFour12

What: Twentyfour12 is more of a festival devoted to mountain biking and endurance! With one of the longest courses in the calendar, in the middle of summer in an idyllic setting – convincing people to crew will never be so easy!

Where: Newnham park, Plymouth. England

When: 28th July

Entries open: Open

Site: http://www.twentyfour12.com/

What they say:

Twentyfour12 is an endurance Mountain Bike Race around a course of approximately 14km, entirely off road, with a family friendly festival vibe.

What I say:

Probably one of the nicest and most chilled out atmospheres of an event of this type. Having categories to suit every bodies ability, you’re in good company from the start. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten anything minor, the event has a ton of stalls covering you for spare batteries, inner tubes and break pads; and of course all the food stalls you’ll need to keep going through the night! The course itself takes you through loamy forests, over some fast single track and a couple of great man-made features.

Not much to say about the race itself… I crashed out on a practice lap the day before and dislocated my shoulder. 🙁

The only thing to be wary of is that everybody rides the same course, so expect a fair bit of traffic!

If you have ridden the race, I would love to hear from you.

Tips for Twentyfour12:

  • Don’t dislocate your shoulder the day before
  • Any other tips are welcome!

See here for a blog on coming back from injury.