The equipment needed out on-track is little more than you would usually take on a weekend ride. You’re likely to encounter the same problems, and you’ll only need enough food to get around to the pits again. The main point is making sure your fluids cover the caffeine, electrolytes and sugars to keep you rolling.

For your bike:

Cover the most likely points of failure on the bike plus a couple bits that are generic enough to fix everything else.

  • Punctures
    • Spare tube (even if you’re running tubeless)
    • Pump / CO2 canister
  • Chain problem
    • Quick-link – much faster than removing a link (as long as you get it in quickly!).
    • Small bottle of oil – sort out a stiff link.
  • Other
    • Multitool – things come loose, have a set of hex-keys and a chain tool just in case.
    • Gorilla Tape / Electrical Tape – it’ll fix practically anything.
    • Cable ties – you never know when you’ll need them, and they weigh nothing.

For you:

Again, you only need to prep for an hour’s ride, you need little more than enough clothes to stay warm and dry without overheating

  • Wear the minimum you think you’ll need – you’ll heat up when you’re riding, the first 15-20 minutes may be a little tough but get through it and you’ll be happy you’re not sweating too much!
  • Keep dry – this will make all the difference. Keep as much rain, snow and dirt off you that you can. This will keep morale high and stop you losing heat too quickly. Just remember, if your waterproofs aren’t breathable they will trap in a lot of heat and moisture, so you may need to ditch a layer to prevent sweating.
  • Fuel
    • Food – Focus on sugars to perk you up and get you round to a more substantial meal in the pits
    • Electrolytes – You will start cramping – Have a bottle / gel to hand!
    • Caffeine – Can’t hurt, keep alert and keep riding!