In the pits

Having a pit area is a rare luxury for ultra-endurance riding – you can take what ever your van can get to the racetrack and you should take advantage of this as much as you can!

Pit area:

  • Gazebo / Tarp – you’re not limited by weigh! Keep your gear (and crew) nice and dry, with a roof high enough that you can walk around.
  • Fire – especially important for winter races. You will get cold in the night, bitterly so in the winter. Don’t underestimate the mental boost when you finally warm up and can feel your fingers again!
  • Food – have a solid work station ready with all food prep gear, food and fluids.
  • Water – you’ll need a lot of it and you must usually fend for yourself on this one. Take more than you think you’ll need.
  • Chair – why not take a little pressure off your back and have a little seat?


Remember, you’re not limited by weight. Take everything you think may be useful. It is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it!


  • Bike stand
  • Track pump
  • Hex-keys
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Bottom bracket tool
  • Screwdrivers
  • Chain tool, chain pliers
  • Soft face hammer
  • Grease


  • Inner tubes
  • Brake pads
  • Cables
  • Cassette
  • Derailleur hanger
  • Wheels Tyres – not really a spare but, if possible, take different tyre set ups to cover main weather conditions.
  • Bike – why not take another bike? If you’re not limited by what you can take, having a spare bike to ride while your crew sorts out the first one is a great way to save time!


Even if you’re not planning on sleeping, prepare for it just in case – you don’t want to be sleeping outside because you didn’t have the energy to pitch the tent in the middle of the night.

Essentially assume you’re camping and take everything you need for a normal night on the hill.

  • Car, van, tent – Remove all points of noise and light pollution – if you have to sleep, make sure it is worth it!
  • Sleeping bag and mat – don’t forget to stay warm – when you fall asleep your body temperature will naturally start to drop, fight it off!