Example Programmes

While these programmes are to be used as references and example. They aren’t designed to be one size fits all programme that will allow anybody to tackle any race. They are guidelines that I find helpful – it is down to you, to add the intensity and use them as a framework to get ready.

The beauty of a programme like this is that anybody can tackle an event. They can be used for the riders with a few races under their belts to try to add some more structure or they can get you ready for your first ultra. What will be different for each individual is the intensity. The more experienced athlete can lift heavier, ride harder and last longer but the framework remains the same.

Example training programmes:

  • Base fitness –  Get mentally and physically ready for the ‘real work’ t come.
  • Main programme – Increasing the intensity and time in the saddle.
  • Tapering – ease off and relax a little. Recover before the big day.