The idea that ultra-endurance events are so tough you need the latest and greatest equipment to get through them is a common misconception. While investing in good equipment will certainly make your race go smoother – it isn’t a necessity. The best way understand what you need is simply by getting out with what you already have, giving it a go and refining it from there.

What you decide to take will be highly personal to both you and the race but it will always cover two main topics:


When planning a longer trip outdoors, the first consideration should be the weather – taking the wrong gear can make or break a trip – Especially in a winter race. When the conditions close in, the races themselves quickly turn into wars of who has the right gear (with a healthy dose of “who is the most stubborn”!)

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad preparation.


The event covers the terrain, the distance and your approach. Your priorities will change depending on if you’re going to be out for a spartan on-road 400km day-ride, a gruelling mixed-terrain 600km blitz or a more leisurely 5-day tour through the hills.


Due to the fundamental differences of the required equipment for 24 hour racing and self-sufficient touring / racing, we have split the discussions about equipment into: