Attack Position

When seated you’re riding will be more stable and can be more efficient, which is great for long, shallow climbs. This stability, however, comes at the cost of manoeuvrability, while will become more important on technical trails. The most basic aspect of mountain biking it is the attack position. Being comfortable in this position will make all the following sections easier. You’ll be able to move your weight around the bike more, lean the bike over more, absorb the trail more and be ready for any unseen obstacles.


Pedal position – Keep a neutral stance with your pedals – both equal height, cranks parallel to the ground.

Weight – Keep your weight slightly behind the middle of the bike. Aim to have 60% of your weight towards the rear of the bike and 40% towards the front. This is achieved by keeping your weight going through your pedals and using your hands only for stability. Move your body forward and backwards as the trail goes up and down, to keep your weight central.

Relax – Keep your knees and elbows slightly bent and relax your body. This will allow you to absorb rougher trails and to react faster to unseen obstacles. Tensing your body will increase fatigue and make dampen shocks from the trail.

Stay low

While keeping your elbows and knees slightly bent, point them away from the bike. Pointing your elbows ‘out’, will make it easier to push the bike over to one side. Keeping your knees away from the bike increases manoeuvrability by increasing the range of motion you can lean your bike through.