Strength training and conditioning will provide the power to race up the steep, technical climbs. Environmental conditioning will improve your cardiovascular system and mental strength. Working on your flexibility will allow you to recover faster… and, of course, you’ll need to put in a lot of time on the bike!

This section focuses on how to train – regardless of your ability. Whether it is your first 24-hour race with a few friends or your looking at how you can get an edge for the top spot.

Ride ’till the wheels fall off!

The training can be gruelling and may require a lot of input. But when it is all said and done, you’ll be fitter, leaner, faster, stronger and more flexible than before. On top of this, you’re immune system will be better and you have an excuse to eat a TON of food!

More important than you think!
Strength Training
Cycling Training







"The missing pillar"!
Environmental Conditioning
Make time to focus on being quick and efficient!
Skills Training







It is also important to keep a reminder of why you’re doing this – because you enjoy riding! While some people can keep beasting themselves on a daily basis, most mortals can’t. You need to make sure you factor in days where there is no pressure. The aim of the day is just to go out to some fun trails or follow your favourite local route and just enjoy yourself.

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