24-hour racing – Open for everybody

24-hour races are open for everybody and what’s more is that everybody should try them. They provide a unique insight into your physical and mental limits while remaining relatively safe from most of the stresses of ultra-endurance racing.

Committing to a race sets the stage for you to learn about your body, push what you think is possible and have an adventure with a group of friends!

Not convinced? Read on and see for yourself – 24-hour racing has something for everybody.

Mind set

24-hour races put the onus one you, the rider, to keep pushing beyond your previously known limits; to keep riding through the worst conditions you’ve experienced on two wheels, to push through some dark mental spaces and the hardest pain barriers.

It is only when you’re pushing to the point of failure do you get a baseline of what you are capable of. At the end of the race, you’re left with an enormous sense of pride – not because of how you placed in the field but because you went toe-to-toe a challenge which appears impossible. Regardless of how you think you performed, getting there out of your comfort zone is rare in our day to day lives – and this is an achievement in and of itself.

You go away knowing that you can do more than you ever thought possible.

You can’t fail

The point of all ultra-endurance events is to push your mind and body to their respective limits. While most disciplines tailor to the very fit, 24-hour races cater to everybody. The object of the day is not to beat the rest of the field, it isn’t to get from A-to-B; the only aim is to push yourself.

The safety of having a pit to rest in, friends to monitor you and boost morale and the fact that it is a time-based discipline literally ensures you can’t fail.

Time-limited racing

The challenge is time based – not distance. If your 24-hour race contains four hours of hard riding, then that is your race – be proud of it! This should be respected as much as the guys who rock up with two bikes, a three-person crew and ride the full 24 hours.

Provided you’re true to yourself and you really pushed for those four hours, this is what should be celebrated. 24-hour racing is not about racing for 24 hours, it’s about racing as much the day as you can!

Designed to do it

Homo sapiens evolved of millennia out in the thick of it. Battling against the elements just to survive. These events are not unnatural in any way – you’re using your body for what it is there for. You’re not reaching for the thermostat to warm up – you’re riding harder. You’re not eating more than your body needs – you’re metabolising what ever fuel your body can use. You’re not giving up at the first hurdle – your focused and driven to continue.


The people who take part in 24-hour races are not special and they are not freaks. If they can do it – you sure as hell can!

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